We enrich the wood and make the best out of it

Wood products and wood treatment

Who we are?

We are a family company with almost 30 years of tradition with the basic activity of production of wooden products with higher added value, and we also offer wood processing services, wood trading, sawn wood, firewood and charcoal.

We offer a wide range of products from solid wood in natural form, varnished or painted, made with extreme precision to achieve the appropriate tolerances and a gentle surface. With additional services, including laser engraving, we increase the value of our customers' brands. We promise top quality products and services. We are reliable and flexible, we are happy to listen to our customers to understand what they need and expect from us.

Our history

We love wood. We respect it in the forest and in the manufacturing process, because only in this way can we design the best products from it. In cooperation with business partners, we create appropriate solutions that bring better user well-being and a higher quality of life.

Wood is a renewable natural raw material that brings warmth and homeliness to homes, while ensuring a healthy living environment.

Our offer

Wood products

Massage products, kitchen accessories, decoration, toys, flower stands, torches and other wooden products

Wood treatment

Turning, planing and grinding of wood, wood processing on CNC machines, surface treatment of wood, drying of wood in a convection dryer, purchase of logs, sawn wood and firewood.

Sawn wood

Sawn timber - dedicous and conifer trees, Beams for roofing and construction, Planed wood

Wood for heating

Mechanically treated wood (firewood chips) for heating in homes or larger buildings, sawn and split firewood, beech, hornbeam and oak timber.


Beech charcoal for grilling, made in a charcoal kiln according to the traditional method of our ancestors.

Wood products

Massage products

Kitchen Accessories



Flower stands


Other wooden products



We appreciate the family tradition and continue the path outlined many decades ago. We pass on knowledge and rich experience from generation to generation. Honesty, respect for agreements and the satisfaction of our customers are the key guidelines of our operations. Authenticity and homeliness are part of our everyday lives.


We are sustainable and at our work we are aware of the responsibility that nature gives us. We are energy efficient and make the most out of wood. We use the surplus wood for our own energy production.


We are responsible to our employees, customers and suppliers. We believe in mutual trust, cultivate good relationships and respect each other. We are responsible for the environment, we carefully choose wood with certified origin and combine it with other environmentally friendly materials.


We are resourceful and adapt to the challenges that everyday brings us. We are responsive and make sure that the planned activities are carried out on time. We adapt to the needs of employees and the wishes of business partners.


Reliability is our way of life and the basis of trust. We are a reliable and trustworthy employer and business partner. We honor what was agreed and deliver on what we promised.


We create for the demanding, who recognize excellence and precision in us. We listen to our customers to understand what they expect from us and strive to exceed their expectations. We promise top quality products and services.


The cornerstone of Gaber's activities was laid by Jakob Čemažar, who in 1923 took over the farm at Praprotnik in Gorenji Novaki near Cerkno, where Primorska and Gorenjska region meet.


In addition to running the farm, he was also involved in horse transport, charcoal cooking, logging, sawmilling and the timber trade.

One of the main activities was the production of veneer, which was preserved until the mid 70s.


For many years, the activity was carried out manually, using many items that have survived to this day. They are stored in the local museum on the farm, where they are available for visitors to see.


Today, the farm still produces charcoal, which customers are happy to use for grilling at home.


An important activity on the farm, which has survived to this day, was also the cutting of logs, both for own needs and for sale.

Gaber d.o.o. set up a modern horizontal self-propelled band saw in 1998.


Jakob's grandson Boštjan Čemažar has been involved in wood since he was young. In 1992, he founded the company Gaber d.o.o., which was registered for the field of woodworking, processing and sale of wood on the farm.

In 2005, the company signed a cooperation agreement with a German partner and began construction of new production facilities.


Initially, the company's main activity was cutting logs and processing wood into less demanding semi-finished products for packaging. Over the years, the offer has been supplemented and in recent years the company has focused mainly on the development and production of wooden products with higher added value.


GABER d.o.o. Gorenji Novaki 28
GABER Podjetje za lesarsko dejavnost d.o.o
Gorenji Novaki 28
5282 Cerkno

Tel: +386 5 / 99 54 465
GSM: +386 41 / 365 149

e-mail: gaber.les@siol.net
e-mail: sales@gaberles.si

General manager: Boštjan Čemažar

Company VAT Number: SI 29095140
Company ID number: 5677106000